Compass Information

COMPASS – School Management System



At FPS we use a comprehensive administration package COMPASS. Building strong home school relationships is central to our school philosophy. COMPASS (with personal login) is for use by the whole school community: teachers, parents, carers and administrators.  

The benefits of Compass are: 

  • Communication for the school community that can be accessed via computers, smart phones and iPads
  • Information is available 24 hours/day from anywhere with internet availability
  • Attendance and absences. Teachers mark rolls electronically. Parents or teachers approve absences online
  • Notification of unexplained absences is automated - a SMS message is sent to parents informing them their child is not present with a reason
  • Excursion and activities management, event information and permission is (mainly) submitted online
  • School-wide news posts
  • Ordering of school photos
  • Booking for 3 Way Conferences
  • Downloadable Student Reports to Parents

Compass Guide