Instrumental Music Program

The Instrumental Music Program is co-ordinated by Vern O’Hara. Vern has been teaching at FPS since 2001 and since then has overseen the expansion and growth of the program and the building of a purpose built music centre, a rarity in the State Education system.

The program employs 10 part time instrumental music teachers and offers tuition in the following instruments by the following teachers.

Vern O’Hara, Leigh Raymond, Rosey Beer and Pauline Qua

Violin:   Gavin Lang

Cello:  Michael Celata

Trumpet & Trombone:  Chris Vizard

Recorder, Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone:  Leonie Khoury

Drums & Drumming class:  Dave Williams

Ukulele & Guitar:  Brett Delavadova

Theory Classes:  Rosey Beer
Singing:   Darren Wicks

Once the students reach the required standard, they are able to join one of our 7 ensembles: Junior and Senior Choir, Junior and Senior Strings, Junior and Senior Rock Band or Concert Band. The ensembles rehearse at lunchtime and are directed by one of the instrumental teachers.

Each teacher holds a soiree for their students at least once a year and the ensembles perform at the annual Mid and End of Year concerts. A parent committee helps support the organisation and running of the concerts. If your child is enrolled in lessons and you would like to be part of the support committee, please contact Vern.

Parents wishing to enrol their child in the program can do so by completing the Expression of Interest form attached, which are also available from the office or the pamphlet holders in the music wing corridor.

Contact Vern either at school or by email or on his mobile 0403777050 if you require further information.


2021 Choir Membership form


2021 Invitation to join an Ensemble


2021 Instrument Hire form

2022 Expression of Interest form

2021 Term 4 Timetables


Anna - Tue

Pauline- Mon

Brett - Wed & Fri

Chris - Mon 

Darren - Thur

Dave - Tue

Gavin - Wed

Leigh - Wed & Fri

Leonie - Tue

Michael - Mon

Rosey - Mon & Wed

Vern - Thur