Health and Wellbeing


Wellbeing is a priority at FPS with an extensive program and supports for children and staff. We have a full time Learning Specialist-Wellbeing/Engagement staff member Agata Gervasi inclusive of a wellbeing office and dedicated wellbeing learning space for students. FPS offers planned wellbeing sessions delivered in class as well as specialised programs that include play therapy, art therapy, therapy dogs and social skills small groups. In addition, FPS is fortunate to be the host school for DET Moonee Valley network Student Support Service allied health practitioners -psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and social workers. Children and families requiring additional supports and involved with the program for students with disabilities (PSD) are supported with regular student support group meetings with teachers and our Wellbeing/Engagement Learning Specialist. Any parent/carer with any concerns for their child’s wellbeing should contact their child’s teacher or request an appointment with our Wellbeing/Engagement Learning Specialist Agata Gervasi.



What are buddy programs?

At Flemington Primary School our Buddy program involves older students being paired with our Foundation students. The purpose of our buddy program is to support a smooth transition for children starting school as well as developing a sense of community and belonging in the school. A Buddy program can also be helpful for families new to a school.




The expansive grounds provide space for those interested in physical pursuits. The oval hosts cricket, football and soccer matches; the hard courts are available for netball, basketball or 4 square and the courts marked on the turf provide for many bat tennis competitions


Some children choose to spend time on the playground equipment or play imaginative games in the sandpits and quiet play area.
The Relaxation Station invites quieter activities including the sharing of picture story books or discussing the latest card collections.


Lunchtime is also a chance to just sit and chat with friends after a busy morning!


Lunchtime Clubs are a great opportunity for everyone to have some fun and interact with others, from all year levels, who have similar interests and passions! The Staff provide a variety of indoor club activities.


All students are invited to make recommendations about the Clubs they would like to see run for the students.


Students are reminded all of the Clubs available and the days they are on offer. Some of these activities are run by students and others are run by staff and conducted across the week, some open for specific levels of children others for anyone who is interested.

The Club Activities include:

  • The Lego Club.
  • Chinese Club.
  • Gardening Club.
  • Chess Club.
  • Library Club.
  • Run Club.
  • Board games.
  • Mindful Colouring.


Our Education Student Support Staff supervise outdoor directed play.





Breakfast Club

A healthy start to the school day

School Breakfast Clubs provide a warm and welcoming space for students when they arrive at school.


Volunteers and staff help set up their Breakfast Club space and provide students with a variety of healthy, Victorian grown or manufactured breakfast foods. These include, Vita Brits, wholegrain Cheerios, milk,   fruit cups, fresh fruit, Vegemite and honey.


In addition to removing the barrier to learning when a child is hungry, creating a safe and social Breakfast Club environment for students is having other benefits too. Positive relationships are being built between peers, staff and volunteers Breakfast Club is a place for informal learning around nutrition, table manners and other life skills.


Operating Hours

With the help of our wonderful volunteers our School Breakfast Club Program will run every Tuesday and Friday morning from 8:30am – 8:50am.

This program will be available to all students in the school.


Illness and first aid

First Aid is given at school for small grazes, bumps and scratches. Contact is always made with home when anything more serious occurs.  Medicines can be given at school with a signed medical form and the medication is to be supplied from home.


FPS is not equipped to look after sick children so if your child becomes ill during school then you or your contact person will be notified




If it is necessary for your child to bring medication to school a medical form must be filled out, clearly stating the medication with your child’s name, the correct dose and the time the medication must be given.  A parent should hand this directly to the office, as teachers are not able to administer any medication.  All medicines will only be administered to students at 1.25 pm.




Health Services

Like all State schools, Flemington is serviced by the Department of Human Services. We have a visiting school nurse whose main role is to assess the health of all Foundation students.  The nurse will contact you if necessary and also be available to respond to any enquires you may have.


Head Lice

It is important that parents and carers make regular checks for head lice.   Long hair should always be tied back.  Lotion can be obtained through your local chemist and once the hair is treated, your child can return to school.   Please also contact the school if your child has lice so a note can be distributed alerting parents of the situation and requesting parents to check their children’s hair.