Contact Details

Flemington Primary School

Corner of Mount Alexander Road and Padman Lane,
Flemington  Victoria  3031

PO Box 7, Flemington   Vic   3031

Phone:  9376 7137

A recorded message is used to facilitate ease of call target and absence.

Dial 1 – to record a student absence

Dial 2 - Big Child Care

Or hold for reception

Facsimilie:  9376 2230


Instrumental Music Program:  0403 777 050

Big Child Care: 

Hours of operation: 6:45-8:45am & 3:30-6pm 

Phone number direct to service: 0481954792
Head office landline: 03 86829400

*Bridget will mind the service phone between the hours of operation, all phone calls & communication will be attended to during those hours. 

Students: 8.55am - 3.30pm
Office: 8.30am - 4.00pm

Location: We are located on the corner of Mount Alexander Road, Padman Lane and Flemington Street, at the traffic lights opposite Wellington Street.



Please familiarise yourself with our school location beforehand, as turning up late for an appointment could mean you miss out on important information. If you are driving, we recommend that you drive up ‘Padman Lane’ (to the left of the historic iron gates) to enter our school. Drive along this laneway until you find a car park on the right hand side. If there are no free carparks, as this is the staff car park, proceed along the laneway until you get to the end, turn left and find the closest ‘on-street’ parking.  If you are walking and entering from Mt Alexander Road, you can enter the school via the historic iron gates and follow the path along Padman Lane and the school hall, until you sight the red brick building. This is the Administration building. If walking and entering via Cashmere St, there is an entrance at the top of Padman Lane.


Shown below is a picture of the Administration Building and map of the school location.