Student Representative Council

Our 2019 Student Leaders and Representatives


Student Representative Council members

1/2A - Emma and Henry
1/2B - Myrtle  and April
1/2C - Izzy and Jackson
1/2D - Maija and Toby
3/4A - Bonne and Marie
3/4B - Aksha and Sienna
3/4C - Taj and Thomas
3/4D - Elisa and Mason
5A - Louis and Maggie
5B - William and Lachlan
6A - Charlie and Abbie
6B - Ubah and Gertie


Sport House Captains

Cashmere - Joshua

Delhi - Hannah

Mangalore - Diego

Mooltan - Lucca


School Captains

Emelie and Chris


Vice School Captains

Alara and Matthew