Festival Features

Here you will find our selection of Be Your Bestival feature length films. Each offering an entirely unique flavour, these delights are the perfect way to finish your Bestival adventure.


Bon appetite!


  • Video 1, 2 and 3:

Be Your Best Trilogy

Directed by and starring Katie and Lucy

In this three-part epic, our FPS mascots tell us how to be. Our. BEST!


  • Video 2:

The Attack of Delta Dude

Directed by Toby and starring the Mcintosh family

In this superpower fueled blockbuster, Delta Dude is on a mission to stop our fun. Who will save the day and stop him in his tracks?


  • Video 3:

Superhero Interviews 909

Directed by and starring Dulcie

News reporter Amanda Clive interviews Mrs Changeria, a modern-day superhero who is fighting to save the world from climate change. 


  • Video 4:

Mr Glockenspiel's Bad Day

Directed and starring Jacob

A picnic ends in catastrophe in this silent movie by world renowned auteur director Jacob.