Festival Shorts

Here you will find our extensive collection of Be Your Bestival short films. Each film varies in style and content, but they all ooze with creativity and FPS spirit.



  • Video 1:

Be Your Best

Created with Foundation

In this bite sized film the Foundation students tell us words that describe themselves when they are being their best.


  • Video 2:

The World Needs Superheros

Directed by and starring Daniel

In this experimental short, Daniel asks his audience, what superheros does our world need today?


  • Video 3:

Life of a Runner

Directed by and starring Blake

In this biographical short we are given a window into Blake’s lockdown mornings. “It always seems like it’s a nice morning when we go for our run.”


  • Video 4:

Mind Overload.

Directed by and starring Henry

Scored by music from Ben

This sci-fi drama details the disastrous events that follow a young boys purchase of mind controlling headphones.


  • Video 5:

Haunted House

Directed by and starring Ajitesh

In this suspenseful thriller, a fearless bowman ventures into a haunted house. What will he find waiting for him inside?


  • Video 6: 

Sandrew Sanders

Directed by and starring Soroush

Dr Sandrew Sanders, creator of the museum of history tells us the story behind an ancient weapon he recently acquired.


  • Video 7:

Bake off with Maddie

Directed by and starring Maddie

Scored by music from Tasha

Maddie walks us a short and simple way to make shortbread biscuits!


  • Video 8:

Fifi’s Kitchen

Directed by and starring Fifi

Scored by music from Tasha

Fifi takes us through how to make a delightful (and incredibly fluffy) vanilla cake.