Conversations with Future Me

In this film challenge, students were asked to consider what questions they would like to pose to their future self if given the chance.


Will they recognise who they’ve become? Is there any advice might they would like to receive? And most importantly, is everyone riding around on hoverboards yet?




  • Video 1:

A Meeting of Two Immys

Written, directed, and starring Imogen and Ruby

Scored by music from Sunny.

Director extraordinaire Imogen teams up with actor and sister Ruby, to bring to life a conversation between her present and future self.


  • Video 2:

The Big Questions

Written, directed, and starring Soroush

In this experimental short, three Soroush’s collide. His past, present and future selves don’t shy away from the hard-hitting questions, from how many teeth he has lost to whether or not the world has been destroyed.


  • Video 3:

Confusing Encounters

Written, directed, and starring Josephine.

Scored by music from Toby

An irreverent comedy that sees 2021 Josephine surprise her slightly confused future self.


  • Video 4:

Letters Through Time

Written, directed, and starring Shayla

Scored by music from Olivia and Sonny

In this sci-fi adventure Shayla sends a letter through the space-time continuum to her future self.


  • Video 5:

Written, directed, and starring Annabelle