Puppet Parables

In this film challenge, students made puppets of our school mascots and were tasked with casting them into the leading roles of an original movie.


When filming, students explored how we can “be our best” and what it means to follow our school values; be kind, be safe, be respectful and be ready to learn.


  • Video 1: Aiden

The Tale of the Falling Helicopter

Written and directed by Aiden

When Buzzo the Bee needs help saving the day, Roary the Lion has a lesson in listening.


  • Video 2: Dulcie

Safe Camp

Written and directed by Dulcie

Crunchy the pretzel is forced to evacuate his city after a war breaks out between the sweet and savoury foods! Will he be able to find a new home?


  • Video 3: Kaitlyn

New Friends

Written and directed by Kaitlyn

One lonely kid watches some friends play ball. Will they let him join in on the game?


Video 4: Olivia

  • Dinosaur Learns a Lesson

Directed by Oliva and starring 

Roary the Lion and Buzzy the Bee teach a cheeky dinosaur a lesson. Will they agree to follow the school values?


  • Video 5: Compilation.

Puppet Parade

Edited by Miss Bri and starring Catherine, Alessandra, Imogen, Damien, Hunter and Sanvi.

A compilation of puppets dancing to music. Scored by Catherine on piano.