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Principal's Report 19/08/21

Remote Learning #6

So we again transform into Remote Learning and whilst we have done this six times, we know that it is challenging and demanding every single time. Thank you to all for your support of learning and incredible effort and perseverance. Our FPS community of students, teachers, staff and parents/carers are ALL doing such a fantastic job. Our recommendation for all families is to maintain a routine. This will offer a sense of predictability and a sense of security for children, especially at this time. As a school we are also reinforcing this with our Remote Learning structure:

Michael and baby Sophia teaching.

FPS Remote Learning Program

Your child’s teacher is on webex every day from 9.00am until 11.15am. Teachers begin the day with a check in and connecting with your child. They then continue into teaching the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Numeracy. Teachers provide feedback on your child’s work to assist them in being the best learners that they can in this environment, and this also helps to engage them as learners. As a staff we have been extending our skills in using the Webex platform to maximise our impact as teachers. Teachers and children are using strategy groups, breakout rooms, additional teachers are supporting in some classes and our professional learning has focused on the delivery of High Impact Teaching Strategies -HITS in the remote learning environment.

Afternoon sessions offer a myriad of activities with all of our specialist teachers plus science, drama, music incursions, SRC, competitions, wellbeing scavenger activities and a whole school assembly. Our program is very full and it is for parents to discern what will suit their child after their morning attendance on Webex. We acknowledge and understand that it is not sustainable nor is it recommended by our educational psychologists that young children remain online for very long periods of time.  

The Department of Education has outlined as a guide, the following learning schedule for Remote and Flexible learning for this current period of learning remotely. 

For students in Foundation- Year 2 schools will provide learning programs that include the following per day: 

  • Literacy activities that take a total of about 45-60 minutes 
  • Numeracy activities of about 30-45 min
  • Additional learning areas, play based learning and physical activity of about 30-45 minutes.

For students in Years 3-6 school will provide learning programs allocated as follows per day

  •  Literacy: 45-60 min
  •  Numeracy: 30-45 min
  • Physical Activity: 30 Min 
  • Additional Curriculum areas: 90 min

If parents and carers have any concerns please contact your child’s teacher on Dojo.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

With the extension of lockdown we have decided that we can not postpone these important conversations any longer. Parent -Teacher conferences will be held on Wednesday 1st of September. We will send out information soon regarding how these will be structured.

Book Week- Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds NEXT WEEK

Our FPS team will be celebrating this important week in a virtual way this year. There will be activities happening all week in classes to celebrate and share this year’s theme and the short listed books (which are all in our library). There is a dress up as your favourite book or character next Wednesday 25th August Wednesday. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY- We are in a lock down and only do what you can manage! We do not expect anyone to labour all night long on a costume. Keep it simple and achievable.The purpose is to have a bit of fun around the theme of books and reading.


It has been extremely challenging for our whole school festival to get organised this year. We are so impressed by our Creative Artist in Residence Briony Farrell who has had to constantly pivot to redesign this event. So our Be Your Bestival, will definitely go ahead with Briony teaching on Webex next week and combining this with the work already gained from our limited time onsite. The result will be a “Be Your Bestival Film Festival”. We look forward to sharing this with our community in Term 4.

Science week

The theme for National Science Week 2021 was Food different by design. It honoured the United Nations International Year of Fruits and Vegetables and the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development. 

This week  students had an opportunity to be part of an engaging WebEx Science session. Students learnt about the origin and history of cocoa plants and beans. Then students participated in a fun Oreo learning experience where they used biscuits to learn about the phases of the moon. This activity will link with the National Science Week theme by providing students with learning experiences that promote sustainability in our ever changing world. 

Introducing Alex Mowat our NEW Assistant Principal

What a time to start a new job! Well done!

Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself to the Flemington Primary School Community as Mr Alex Mowat. I am the Acting Assistant Principal who has had the pleasure to replace Ms Laura whilst she adds to her family and I wish her well in this venture. In these strange times, I would have loved the opportunity to meet you all personally, but as we are all aware, this current climate has restricted this and we are all now well accustomed to learning and living life and virtually. With this in mind, Ms Amanda and the Flemington Primary school community has been so welcoming and I really do feel a part of FPS already. Professionally, I have been in education for 16 years, with a sphere of influence as an Assistant Principal and Acting Principal in the Hume/Moreland area. I am extremely passionate about Government education, Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Curriculum evidenced by continuing my learning in this space by completing a Masters in Instructional Leadership at Melbourne University last year. This in conjunction with my professional experiences has allowed me to shape my leadership statement as ‘a continual learner committed to empower.’ With this, I plan to support and continue to add to the already well-established educational excellence of Flemington Primary School and to be in service to our students.

On a personal note, I have two children, Everly, who is 2, and Isla 4 months and they keep me busy at the moment. I am heavily involved in fitness and the sport of hockey, having played at two clubs, Essendon and Melbourne Cricket Club and I am proud to have represented our State and Country in this sport. I look forward to meeting you all soon to hear your stories, the hopes and dreams you share for your children and working together on the continual improvement of education at Flemington Primary School.

Annual General Meeting

It was lovely to connect with parents again in our AGM and Annual Report to community on Wednesday evening. Information regarding the 2020 Annual Report was shared. We also incorporated information regarding the new playground work that is due to commence in September (so I am told). Please find a copy of the 2020 FPS Annual Report, 2020 Annual Report

Happy Learning

Wellbeing 19/08/21

Hi Everyone,

It’s great to see so many of you completing the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt.

Here are just a few of the items that some of you are collecting.

Keep it up everyone.

Day 5 coming up tomorrow.

 You still have time to send me your items from Day 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Have you managed to find all 15 items?

I’m grateful to all the families at Flemington Primary School doing their best and supporting the school.

 Many thanks


School Uniform Orders

Dear Parent/Carer,
The school is now offering families the option to order school uniforms online straight from the supplier, DCS Uniforms. Having this option available means parents/ carers can order uniform 24/7, including school holidays. Families will have the option to have uniform delivered to their home address or the school.
Please note the onsite uniform shop at FPS is currently closed due to COVID restrictions. Please feel free to choose your preferred method of uniform ordering; either online direct with DCS at https://www.dcsuniforms.com.au/  or by placing an order at the office or over the phone if you know what you wish to order.
The administration team are happy to assist families when ordering online for the first time. Please contact the office if you would like assistance.
Thank you.

Parents & Carers News 19/08/21


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