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Principal's report 5/08/21

There were plenty of smiles on faces as our students and parents/carers returned to onsite teaching and learning last Wednesday. Whilst it is definitely a happy experience to have our community return to onsite, it has also been yet another transition for our students. We are incredibly proud of their resilience and ability to adapt. FPS has a strong wellbeing program that supports our students and staff integrating targeted teaching time to check in and acknowledge the big feelings that these times bring. In order to learn and to give your child the best in education, confidence and for their future, it is important to be at school every day and on time! A very warm welcome back to our FPS community!

Parent -Teacher Conferences- NEXT WEEK!

Our usual Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences have adapted to restrictions and the lockdown. Teachers felt very strongly that there was inadequate time to properly prepare our students and that it would be an unnecessary stress on students to move straight into conference preparation straight after a lock down.  The Parent-Teacher Conferences will focus on the achievements of Semester One and Remote Learning. Parents will have an opportunity to discuss their child’s learning goals and how this can also be supported from home. Please book your time in for next Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th with your child’s teacher using Compass. All conferences will be held on Webex. Please let our office know if you require a translator or support with booking a time. 

Welcome to our Foundation Student Representative Councillors

We are very excited to announce and welcome our latest Foundation students to the Student Representative Council. 

FA-Cruz and Aria

FB-Nora and Vivienne

FC-Wren and Keiren

Student voice is a high priority at FPS and students have input into the decisions and initiatives that take place in our school. Whilst SRC are a voice representing their class, all students are encouraged to actively participate in decision making opportunities and also to voice initiatives, ideas and passions that interest them. A recent example of this was Albie in Foundation who requested new bell music, then co-wrote an email to Cheryl and Danh to request the change. The result has seen our whole school dancing throughout the day. Thank you Albie!

Foundation 100 days at school.

Well done to our amazing foundation students 100 days of onsite and remtoe learning - we are so proud of you.

Volunteers needed for our veggie patch and composting

Our Student Representative Council is calling out for support. They have an environmental project that has now introduced composting in classes that will then transform our very sad looking vegie patch into a flourishing and verdant corner of horticultural, edible delicacies. If you can help us with the compost stirring and/or vegie garden please let us know. WE NEED YOU!

Let’s get our creative on!- COVID Alpha & Delta will NOT stop us! Important read here!

On Tuesday I attended the State Principals’ online Conference - ‘Lead, Empower and Thrive”. There were many great messages from some of our best educators in the state public education system including Professor John Hattie and Headspace CEO Kirsten Douglas. One message that aligned with our own reflections at FPS, is the versatility and creativity that COVID has matured in all of us. So I now present a significant list of community activities that we have now adjusted inorder to continue in a safe learning environment. These adjustments still allow us to celebrate what’s really important to us all at FPS- our children and our future. I thank our amazing school council sub committees, teachers and parents and carers team for their fabulous ability to be versatile and creative inorder to put our students at the centre. So here it goes…

  1. Be Your Bestival- has transformed to a “Be Your Best- Film Festival”. We are excited to transform this drama learning experience into a FPS film that will see our students gain great technical skills in film, drama and editing. All going well, we could even launch this with a pop up cinema on our oval. 
  2. Mid Year Instrumental Music Concert- will also transform into an event that can be watched from home. Our FPS Instrumental Music teachers and program will still be delivering an important but alternative “performance experience” for our fantastic young FPS musicians.
  3. Recumbent Bike- This event has been cancelled by the organisers, BUT do not worry! We are committed to creating an FPS style event for our wonderful Year 6s with our speedy recumbent bikes. Watch out for updates and also those Year 6s who will be whizzing around our running track as they continue their training. 
  4. Whole school assemblies will transform into year level assemblies held by our Student Representative Council (SRC) and facilitated by teachers. As much as we will miss being together as a whole school to celebrate all the great things that happen in the week at FPS; this is a wonderful learning opportunity for our students from Foundation to Year Six to run an assembly. 

Annual General Meeting (AGM)-Wednesday 18th August 5-6pm 

This is our third and final attempt! This event is going ahead rain, hail or COVID restrictions/lock down etc on Wednesday 18th August 5-6pm on Webex and will present our annual report and data sets from 2020. We have achieved some wonderful outcomes as a school and we look forward to celebrating this with you. The AGM will be held on Webex. Please RSVP to our office to receive Webex links.

Farewell and best wishes Laura

Goodluck and goodbye for now to our wonderful Assistant Principal Laura. We held a baby shower for Laura with all things pink (yes it’s a girl) and wishing all the best to Laura and Tim and soon to be big sister, Audrey. We will keep you updated on the baby news. 

Welcome Alex Mowat our NEW Assistant Principal

Alex Mowat commences next week after a bizarre induction that incorporated Remote Learning and onsite. But, that’s how we roll these days! We are very excited to introduce Alex to our FPS community and students have already been (as usual) incredibly warm and welcoming of Alex with offers of personalised tours and overwhelming friendliness. 

Congratulations to our student Charlotte Fitzgerald who won 2nd place in the Melbourne Football Club drawing competition.

Apparently Jake Lever loved the picture so much that he voted for Charlotte's picture three times!

Happy learning!

Parent-Teacher Conference


Parent-Teacher Conferences-NEXT WEEK

Tuesday 11th August, Wednesday 12th August and Thursday 13th August

Bookings are to be made via the Compass System

  • If you need your Compass Login Details please contact the office

  • If you need help with your booking please contact the office and staff can either show you how to book or make bookings on your behalf

  • If you require an interpreter please make all bookings by Friday 6th August

  • Masks are required inside our buildings and classrooms

Please see link below for instructions on booking your conference time:

Compass Parent Information Conference Booking Guide

Wellbeing 5/08/21

Respectful Relationships is an initiative to support schools and early childhood education settings promote and model respect and equality. It also supports educators to teach our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

This term, the school will focus on the topic of “Help-Seeking and Gender and Identity” (more information to come).

Help-Seeking learning activities in this topic area are designed to help students discuss the importance of seeking help and providing peer support when dealing with problems that are too big to solve alone. This helps to normalise and destigmatise help-seeking behaviour. Scenario-based activities help students identify situations in which help should be sought, identify trusted sources of help, and practice seeking help from peers and adults.

Here’s an activity you can do at home:

  • Discuss with your child who they could turn to for help, and who already provides them with support.
  • Point out that ‘stars’ who achieve great things, such as sports and performance stars, are people who draw a lot from the help of others such as family, coaches and team mates.
  • Ask your child to identify five people from whom they have already received some form of contribution or help in the last fortnight. (E.g. parent feeds you, friend plays with you, sister helps you with homework, police protect you, traffic lady/man helps you cross the road.)
  • Think of five people who they could approach for some kind of help if faced with a serious issue. Make a ‘hand’ or ‘star’ to show five people they have helped or contributed to across the week.

Parents/Carers - Complete one of your own. Share this as a form of modelling – even adults appreciate help!

Explain to your child that people who feel appreciative or grateful for the things that others do for them, and for the positive things that happen in their lives, tend to be happier and to cope better with stress and challenge.

Practicing being grateful is an important life skill. Being appreciative of others and saying thank you are important relationship skills.

AGM Details

School Council 5/08/21

With the combo of school holidays and lockdown-number-five not far behind us, it was good to get together for School Council and discuss the ongoings and progress of the school.

And discuss we did!

The first item – how to manage the book packs for this coming year – raised quite a bit of debate. For those new to the school, student book packs vary by year level, but can include all things needed through the year – everything from tissues and whiteboard markers, to pencils and glue sticks. It was only through this level of discussion that you can start to understand the different perspectives and multiple considerations: how to ensure all students have access to the same equipment; how to buy only what students really need; how can book packs help our younger students emotionally prepare for school; and how can it all be efficiently distributed before the year begins! Not small considerations. We did, however, need to approve the distributor for 2022, and so we did with the caveat that in future we’d have more time to review the mechanics as well as the distributor. So for 2022, books packs will be sent home only for years 3-6, with the junior years (foundation – year 2) having their packs delivered to school so the shared resources can be readied in advance. Stay tuned for more about this important part of equipping our students for success each school year.

Moving on, we also approved the destruction of school documents that had reached their archive date (but not without much thought as to their importance), and approved the fees for next year’s excursion levy, which has been reduced slightly to account for... well, all the reasons why the kids haven’t been excursioning much.

Now with Be Safe as one of our school values it’ll come as no surprise that we were happy to approve a small refurb to our students’ first-aid room, with improvements to include more privacy for students. Also on safety, we have noted the number of windy days recently, sometimes while we are walking to school pick up, underneath certain super large, epically beautiful gumtrees. So just wanted to let you know that we have been speaking with our arborist about this – who visits every year, minimum – and will be making further enquiries about safety with council. Of course, if you see anything at all about the school’s grounds that you would like brought to attention, please sing out! Email School Council president, Russell McIntosh on Russell.mcintosh@education.vic.gov.au or approach any one of your parent representatives or a member of staff.

We wrapped things up with lots of gushing and goodwill: To all our teachers at Flemington – a massive thank you for the heart and soul you put into teaching our children – we know this isn’t always what you signed up for, and we appreciate how you show up with positivity and enthusiasm every day. And then we gushed some more, as it was time to thank and farewell Assistant Principal Laura, as it was her last Council meeting before heading off on maternity leave. Exciting times! Again, all the best Laura, and we can’t wait to see you and meet your little perfect bambina.

That’s all for this Council update. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 6 September. In the meantime, if you want to raise anything, please get in touch as above.

Your parent councillors,

Art News 5/08/21

We need plastic lids!
We are collecting plastic lids of all shapes and sizes to make a massive recycled artwork – hopefully we will have enough to make it next year.
Please wash all lids – ensure all foods are removed (some students have allergies)
Only plastic lids please – metal will rust

We need plastic water bottles!
We are collecting plastic water bottles to make a large interior, hanging artwork.
The bottles are the small, thin (students need to be able to cut them) variety – see pic

Thank you 😊

School Uniform Orders

Dear Parent/Carer,
The school is now offering families the option to order school uniforms online straight from the supplier, DCS Uniforms. Having this option available means parents/ carers can order uniform 24/7, including school holidays. Families will have the option to have uniform delivered to their home address or the school.
Please note the onsite uniform shop at FPS is currently closed due to COVID restrictions. Please feel free to choose your preferred method of uniform ordering; either online direct with DCS at https://www.dcsuniforms.com.au/  or by placing an order at the office or over the phone if you know what you wish to order.
The administration team are happy to assist families when ordering online for the first time. Please contact the office if you would like assistance.
Thank you.

Absences - If I am away

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is important that your child attends school everyday. If your child is absent from school, please take one of the below steps to record their absence.

  1. Enter the reason on Compass
  2. Call the school on 9376 7137 and follow the absences prompt
If an absence is not recorded by 11.00am, parents and carers will receive an SMS alerting them of thier child's unexplained absence.

Thank you.


P&C 5/08/21


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