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Principal's report 22/07/21

Welcome back to Term 3 and I am sure that we can all agree it is not the start that we were expecting. This lock down and return to Remote Learning (RL) arrived very quickly and with little notice. Well done to everyone who has transitioned relatively smoothly and for the support that has been offered over the past week.

What happens when a lock down is announced from a school level?

I do not receive any additional or early information regarding lock downs so there is a bit of guesswork involved and a lot of monitoring of media. We then set plans in place to cater for all possible scenarios. I would like to thank in particular two of our leadership team- Sam Cubbin and Briellen Diamond who worked with me to prepare FPS for the overnight transition that was officially announced after hours. Thank you to our fabulous FPS staff who also calmly went into their afternoon lesson to gather resources, prepare their students and then commenced that evening preparing for their teams and also their own families. 

On the first day of Remote Learning the matrices are used to support families for one day whilst teams work all day to transform all lessons into parent/child/Webex friendly remote learning program with all accompanying resources and communications. Unfortunately, this can see a huge amount of our teaching work put on hold as we determine what parents/carers will find accessible and what can be realistically done in a Webex lesson. There are many of our teaching units  that are not suitable for a remote learning/webex format. Our administration team works with families requiring onsite supervision and setting up and distribution of devices and internet connections. A remote learning program is then revised on a daily basis in regards to the evidenced learning, student responses to teaching and parent feedback. The program also responds on a daily basis to new information and announcements released by DET and the Premier. It is a huge credit to our FPS community that we are able to all work together in such a respectful and collaborative way. This past week I have seen and heard about many kind responses and acts of support to those needing it. As a staff, we have also received much support and encouragement from families and our message to you remains the same- we are here for you! Reach out if you need something.

Curriculum Day 

FPS staff commenced the term with our final curriculum day for the year where our creative artist in residence Briony Farrell guided us through the planning for our “Be Your Bestival” that will be held on Wednesday the 10th of September with a matinee and evening show. The theme for this festival integrates our history unit from Term 2 and will involve every FPS child. The style of the performance for each class will be determined by the class so this is truly a student centred and directed celebration of learning. We will keep you updated on details throughout the term. But for now, please make sure that you have the date in your diary.

The rest of the curriculum day was spent analysing our work from our first Scaffolding Literacy writing unit taught last term and then planning for the next unit. Please see below some writing from our first sequence. Already we are very excited to see an improvement in the writing of our students. I hope that you enjoy Ted’s poem:

Grand Final Day By Ted Year 3

I love grand final day
A land of booming crowds
Of huge flying banners
Of yelling coaches to calm ones too
I love her fierce competitors
I love her hard chases
The wet and the cold to the dry and the damp
Till the final siren sounds

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences - 

Our 3 way conferences were postponed last term due to the lock down and have been postponed yet again. We are currently revising what they will look like and will announce next week the format. They will most probably have to take place on Webex. The conference actively involves parents/carers, students and teachers to discuss and celebrate our students and their learning. Our students will share  information about their current learning goals, what they have learnt, what they are proud of and what are the next steps in their learning. Our students facilitate the conference and are supported by their teacher. Parents/carers are encouraged to ask questions and to share in the celebration of learning and achievement. Updates for this event will be communicated once DET COVID-19 guidelines are received.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 

We are trying again with this event with a suggestion from our school council to hold it alongside another school event- in this case, student-parent-teacher conferences. The AGM will present the 2020 Annual Report sharing with the FPS community the progress of the school against the Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plans. FPS strategic plans can be found on our website and in these links 2020 Annual Report, School Strategic Plan 2018-2021, 2021 - Annual Implementation Plan. Updates for this event will be communicated once DET COVID-19 guidelines are received.

NAIDOC week- Heal Country!

While we may have been on holidays for NAIDOC week, we still take time as a school to ensure that we acknowledge the importance of this very special week. Our curriculum does embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture specific to year levels; NAIDOC  also provides an opportunity for teachers and students to explore different topics, perspectives through activities and class discussion that allows students to explore and appreciate the rich history, diverse cultures and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. FPS has a fabulous collection of texts written by indiginous authors and illustrators. We also have a wonderful billabong in our BIG Childcare room complete with trees and Australian animals. Unfortunately our special NAIDOC assembly was cancelled due to the lock down.

Mount Alexander College Students visiting FPS

A small group of MAC students have been visiting FPS every fortnight to support our students playing games such as skippy, connect four, soccer and more. This is part of their curriculum focussing on building relationships with local schools and businesses. This program only operates dependent on COVIOD-19 guidelines from DET.

Baby News

This week we have welcomed TWO new FPS babies! Welcome to baby Sophie and congratulations to Michael Younger (Yr 4-5 teacher) and Claire.

 And congratulations to Alex Klewer (PE) and Tim on the   arrival of baby Max. Watch this space, as we have     another two babies due in a few weeks!

Happy learning and stay safe everyone!

Wellbeing 22/07/21

PE News 22/07/21

Art News 22/07/21

Don’t forget to bring in your Fabulous “Be Your Bestival” poster so we can hang them around the school.

Bike Hospital 22/07/21

The Bicycle Hospital has three bikes available this week (see photos). We are doing remote drop off and pick up until CoVid restrictions ease.

The bikes are locked in the bike cage. Let us know if you want one and we’ll tell you the bike lock combination.

If you are looking to fix your bike have a look at our YouTube videos: Dr Cranky's - Bikes for Kids - YouTube

If you need more help please contact us by mobile or Facebook:  Bicycle Hospital | Facebook

Stay safe and sane and happy riding.

Bart S (0418 231 686) and Peter H (0408 773 837)

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