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Principal's report 17/06/21

It is indeed not such an unusual experience as a Principal these days to be one day discussing teaching and learning programs one morning, and then the next about how long it will take to start up the FPS Remote Learning Program. This is all a part of the flexibility and agility required of thinking and learning these past two years. We have all now adopted this new way as parents and teachers. Our children can also now transform as online learners overnight and are increasingly aware of the benefits, challenges plus expectations of teachers and parents. Our children are learning to be safe whilst also learning how to prioritise their own wellbeing needs. 

It is congratulations to all who transitioned yet again into this lock down, following the directions of what we need to do to remain safe whilst continuing with our learning. It was a fast transition this time and people adapted quickly and efficiently. Let's face it, we have had practise.  I would not say that we have the perfect model-yet. “Yet” is the mindset that American Educational Psychologist Carol Dweck uses to explain about fixed and growth mindsets, stressing the importance of being open to change. At FPS, we are learning to deliver a comprehensive and well targeted remote learning program from a short “circuit breaker” lock down to an extended lock down.  As a team we are dedicated to ensuring the sound learning and wellbeing of our students, staff and families whilst constantly adapting and responding to new developments. Parents have truly become yet again our valued partners in teaching. This can create understanding, appreciation and tensions on a variety of new levels. FPS will be delivering a survey regarding remote learning for parents, students and teachers. We will use it to guide improvements and refinements to the remote learning program- and we will also be crossing our fingers and toes that we don't have to use it!

Stripes, stripes and more stripes

COVID-19 restrictions apply to these activities currently.

  • FPS House Sports Day- Fri 25th June- Students only- images of the day will be uploaded to ClassDojo for parents
  • Instrumental Music Concert-Postponed Wednesday 11th August-TBC
  • Student-Teacher-Parent 3 Way Conferences- Postponed Week 2 Term 3-Details to come
  • 2020 Annual Report-Wed 21st July-6pm webex/live-TBC
  • Student led assemblies are now on webex. Webex links will be uploaded to Class Dojo on Fridays.
  • Classroom helpers program -suspended for now
  • Library helpers- suspended for now
  • Excursions/incursions- suspended for now

Playgrounds Update

Some of students held a meeting in the F-2 playground this week with our landscape Architects to provide input into the play equipment for their new playground. The play ground designs are almost ready to be actioned and the VSBA will be overseeing works commencing in late September.

Workforce update

We wish Alex our PE teacher all the best as she commences her family leave. We will keep you updated on when baby arrives. Welcome to Jake Dunell who will be teaching with Fiona in our PE program. Jake is a regular at FPS and is well known to many of our students and families already.

School Council

Our FPS school council will meet next Monday 21st June. Again we will move to Webex and hear from Agata regarding our work with Respectful Relationships/Schoolwide Positive Behaviour plus the work of our various sub committees. Please RSVP to the office by Monday 1pm if you wish to attend.

Happy learning!


Office News 17/06/21

Visitors and QR Code Sign In

We ask all parents and carers to please adhere to and respect the following guidelines and processes for visiting the school…

- Parents and carers are allowed on school grounds but must wear a mask. Anyone over 12 years of age must wear a mask (except our students)

- FPS school buildings are closed to parents and carers. If you need to contact the office please phone 9376 7137.

- We now have a QR code situated at the office and all approved visitors are to sign in.



As we come to the end of the financial year, a reminder that you can donate to the School Building and Library Funds. All donations over $2 are Tax Deductible. Families can donate to these school funds by contacting the school on 9376 7137 to make an over the phone credit card payment or obtain your BPAY details and you can donate via BPAY.

All receipts will be emailed out to the address provided at the time of donation.

We would also like to thank all families that have already donated to these funds this financial year.

Thanking you for your support.

2022 Foundation Enrolment

Applications for Foundation 2022 enrolment are still being taken. School tours were taking place each Wednesday until the recent lockdown. There will be one more tour via Webex taking place next Thursday 24th June at 9.15am.  Please contact the office if you wish to attend and we will send you the Webex link.

If you have a child due to commence school next year, please enrol your child by the end of Term 2, this being Friday 25th June. Should you know of a child due to start school next year, who lives in our enrolment zone - refer to https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au/, please remind parents to hand their enrolment forms in during Term 2.

Thank you

Advising absences

A reminder for parents/carers, when calling the school on 9376 7137 to report your child absent, please dial 2 to leave a message. The office staff will record all absences from these messages.

Picking up students for appointments

Parents/carers, when booking personal appointments for students, please make these appointments after school hours. If appointments are to be made during the day, the preferred pick up time is at the beginning of recess and lunch so as not to disturb their class learning times.

Late pickup of students

Parents/carers, if you’re going to be late to pick up students, please advise the school as early as possible. Staff are not always available to supervise students past 3.45pm. We encourage all families to enrol with Big Childcare to support both the students and parents/carers should there be a situation like this arise.


Please be advised that the office are accepting cash payments, however we do prefer payments to be made via bPay or eftpos. 

Please contact the office if you need your bPay details.

Kind regards

Wellbeing 17/06/21

PE News 17/06/21

Fiona Netball:

Our very own PE teacher Fiona, played in the Round 2 Suncorp Super Netball. Fiona got the call up to play for the Collingwood Magpies vs Giants. What a huge effort for Fiona to be teaching, playing and training at an elite level and being a mum. Well done Fiona, we are all so proud of you. Keep your eye out as the season progresses, she might be pulling the bib on again!

Interschool Sport: 

The Term 2 ISS Gala Days were planned for the 11th & 18th of June for Grade 6 students.

These dates have been postponed and future dates will be communicated once arranged. 

FPS Run Club:

Well done to all of those students who have been attending the FPS Run Club, even on those chilly Autumn mornings. A number of students have now run 10km around the oval and have received their certificates at assembly. It’s great to see so many students being active in the mornings and testing their limits. Run Club has now finished for Term 2 as Ms Alex will be starting her Maternity Leave. Keep your eye out for Run Club details for Term 3, this will depend on Teacher availability. 

House Sports Day:

The annual FPS House Sports Day is scheduled for the last day of Term 2, Friday 25th of June. Please keep an eye out closer to the date for further information. 

New Sports Equipment:

Thank you to the P & C committee for raising funds for our lunchtime sports equipment. We now have various new basketballs, soccer balls and all purpose balls as well as a set of skittles, quoits and 2 volleyball nets. There is also a new storage system for the balls to be placed on at the end of recess and lunch. It is up to all students to look after and use the equipment respectfully and responsibly. We are very lucky and grateful to have these exciting new games to play at recess and lunch. 

School Council 17/06/21

As I write this, my three kids have just finished their schoolwork for today and will sit down to watch a movie together to allow their Mum and Dad to regain their sanity bond and explore deep concepts together as we further their learning.

Remote learning is not what we ordered. If it is, I want a different restaurant. We find ourselves here doing the best we can and all of us facing unique challenges. Two jobs, three kids, single parent, one kid, sick parent, English as a second language, a child with learning difficulties, end of Jobkeeper. It’s important to remember that the education staff at FPS are each facing these circumstances too in their personal and family lives, as they navigate a world they also have had to adapt to. Think it’s challenging teaching a “normal” class of 20-25 kids with different brains and different personalities? Try doing it through a screen with tempting emojis and distractions that they cannot control.

The school welcomes constructive feedback about how we make the best of these circumstances.  But for me, it should be counterbalanced with an appreciation that each child at FPS is unique and no matter how hard we try, remote learning will never be perfect and sometimes far from it.

So, a big thank you to all of the educational staff for helping us navigate this time. We understand you have lives, partners, children, birthdays (via Zoom) and everything we too face. We appreciate your efforts and guidance during these ‘dysfunctional’ times and are grateful for all that you are doing.

Finally, to the parents and carers out there. This is not fun. We’ve made our sourdough and homegrown our veggies. We’ve cleaned our cupboards. We’ve had enough. But it is a necessary pitstop to ensure we are not put off the road again for a longer time (like 2020). Hang in there and do what you can. Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are some silver linings from this time and I hope you can find them.

Update 17/6: We are now back at school and hopefully here to stay. Well done for getting through and I hope to see you around the grounds dropping off your kids…..and running away!!!

Russell McIntosh

Bike Hospital 17/06/21

We have a few bikes available for those that need them. See photos below.

Also if you need a repair or want to donate a bike we can arrange remote drop off and pick up.

See our facebook page facebook.com/bicyclehospital for more information.

Happy riding!

Bart 0418 231 686 Peter 0408 773 837

Big Childcare News 17/06/21


Due to COVID restrictions some of the dates/ theme days have been changed as we cannot attend any excursions. Please see changes below;

28th of June- Instead of IMAX - Cartoon /Superhero day 

30th June-  Instead of the Movies - Sport day 

01st of July- Instead of Bounce - Football day 

5th of July- Instead of Arcade -  cooking day 

07th of July - Instead of  Bowling - Disco /My Birthday Theme Day 

08th of July -  Instead of Swimming - Slime/Bubbles day 

Thank you

P&C 17/06/21


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