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Principal's report 20/05/21

Education Week at FPS NEXT WEEK

Next week marks Education Week and at FPS we will be celebrating with an Open Morning of learning that parents and carers are warmly invited to attend. Parents and carers are welcome to come into FPS and see their child’s class in action. School tours will also be happening and will allow parents and carers to see and hear how our school works from both students and a member of our leadership team. Please let the office know if you are also wishing to participate in a school tour.

School Tours are live again at Flemington Primary School

School Tours have been very busy and popular at Flemington Primary School this year. It is great to have a return to onsite and face to face school tours. Tour groups at FPS are small so parents can feel comfortable asking questions and may easily enter into the learning spaces to see students and teachers in action. A visit to the music wing showcases students playing a variety of instruments from violins, ukulele and piano whilst a class music lesson is also in full swing! Most importantly, FPS students are a special component of the tour. With the School Principal our FPS student tour guides outline the myriad of student voice initiatives and projects underway. Students provide first hand information around upcoming events such as the design process and development of our two new playgrounds plus their work with creative artist in residence Briony Farrell to develop a student directed whole school performance. The school tour also covers programs such as sports, drama, extension/tutoring programs, the BIG Childcare program (that now has an internal billabong!) and our much-loved specialist programs of Visual Arts, Mandarin, Health & Physical Education and Music. 

School Council-Casual Vacancy

There is currently a casual vacancy on our 2021 FPS School Council. If you are interested in being more involved in your child’s education and have an interest in governance, then please let either our school Principal Amanda Williams or school council President Russell McIntosh know. flemington.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au or russell.mcintosh@education.vic.gov.au

FPS Annual General Meeting-AGM-Tuesday 22nd June 5-6pm in the Library

Our AGM  that was scheduled earlier in the year was cancelled due to poor attendance. We are trying again by holding the AGM alongside another event- our 3 way student-parent-teacher conferences. The AGM presents some of our 2020 data sets from student learning plus student, staff and parent  school opinion surveys. The AGM also outlines our 2021 goals and priorities. At FPS we have some outstanding data and achievement sets and we look forward to celebrating and showcasing these with you. Our AGM #2 will be held on Tuesday 22nd June 5-6pm in the FPS Library. BIG Childcare will offer FREE care for children so parents can attend. Please register your attendance with our school office.

New Education and Training Reform Amendment-Protection of School Communities-Bill 2021

Victorian school communities are overwhelmingly positive and safe places for teaching and learning where we all play a role in supporting students in their achievements, engagement and wellbeing needs. 

It is likely that you have heard the recent media announcements that the Victorian Government has introduced the Education and Training Reform Amendment (Protection of School Communities) Bill 2021. If passed through parliament, the proposed Bill would come into effect in May 2022. 

The Bill aims to protect and keep school communities safe by preventing and deterring violent and aggressive behaviours from adult members of the school community and ensure that schools are positive, safe and inclusive places to work and learn. This Bill will apply to the small minority of adult members of the Victorian school community who engage in this behaviour, after early conflict resolution measures through non-legislative avenues have failed. 

The proposed law will empower principals and other authorised persons to issue School Community Safety Orders in response to parents, carers and other adult members of the school community who engage in harmful, threatening, abusive or disruptive behaviours on school grounds or places where school activities take place, or inappropriate and harmful communication through emails and social media.

The changes would ensure that all members of the school community are kept safe and to minimise any harm to their safety and wellbeing. There will be internal and external review mechanisms in place if a person who is subject to a School Community Safety Order wishes to appeal an Order. 

This Bill would not replace the existing avenues to raise any complaints, issues or suggestions with schools. You can view the FPS policy at  https://www.flemingtonps.vic.edu.au/uploaded_files/media/fpsissuesresolutionpolicy2017.pdf. By continuing to engage with these communication channels in a respectful and collaborative manner, we can continue to work together to support our students. Further information about the details of the Bill will be communicated to you if the Bill is passed by parliament.  

Happy Learning!

Office News 20/05/21


As we come to the end of the financial year, a reminder that you can donate to the School Building and Library Funds. All donations over $2 are Tax Deductible. Families can donate to these school funds by contacting the school on 9376 7137 to make an over the phone credit card payment or obtain your BPAY details and you can donate via BPAY.

All receipts will be emailed out to the address provided at the time of donation.

We would also like to thank all families that have already donated to these funds this financial year.

Thanking you for your support.


2022 Foundation Enrolment

Applications for Foundation 2022 enrolment are now open. School tours were taking place each Wednesday until the recent lockdown. There will be one more tour via Webex taking place next Thursday 24th June at 9.15am.  Please contact the office if you wish to attend and we will send you the Webex link.

If you have a child due to commence school next year, please collect the enrolment forms and enrol your child by the end of Term 2, this being 25th June. Should you know of a child due to start school next year, who lives in our enrolment zone - refer to https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au/, please remind parents to hand their enrolment forms in during Term 2.

Thank you

Visitor QR Code Sign In

We now have a QR code situated at the office and all visitors are to sign in each time you visit the school.

Advising absences

A reminder for parents/carers, when calling the school on 9376 7137 to report your child absent, please dial 2 to leave a message. The office staff will record all absences from these messages.

Picking up students for appointments

Parents/carers, when booking personal appointments for students, please make these appointments after school hours. If appointments are to be made during the day, the preferred pick up time is at the beginning of recess and lunch so as not to disturb their class learning times.

Late pickup of students

Parents/carers, if you’re going to be late to pick up students, please advise the school as early as possible. Staff are not always available to supervise students past 3.45pm. We encourage all families to enrol with Big Childcare to support both the students and parents/carers should there be a situation like this arise.


Dear Parent/Carers,

Please be advised that the office are accepting cash payments, however we do prefer payments to be made via bPay or eftpos. 

Please contact the office if you need your bPay details.

Kind regards


Instrumental Music News 20/05/21

School Council 20/05/2021

School council update: Art Show discussed, Parent Member vacancy on Council, health policies, plus more

School Council met on Monday 10 May, with one big difference from other meetings of the past 14 months – we were in person! It seemed both a bit novel and very normal to be able to sit in the staff room and talk through the items on the agenda with other councillors.

First up the architects and Victorian School Building Authority came to present the concept plans about the next phase of the grounds master plan. You may have seen these plans – or an earlier version of them – at the information session they held or perhaps the stall they hosted at the Meet the Teacher BBQ.

We were all suitably impressed with the plans and the design, though there was some conversation about accessibility, consultation and how a build of this size would be managed. In terms of timeframe, as the delivery of these plans is linked to building improvements at MAC (Mount Alexander College), we are looking forward to further consultation before ‘turning soil’ later in the year. 

Speaking of calendars, we have a date for your diary: Tuesday 22 June from 5-6pm for the FPS Annual General Meeting, where we can expect to hear about how we performed in 2020. All are welcome, and to help encourage attendance, BIG Childcare will offer FREE afterschool care for the event. This is an excellent gesture to the school community, and a great way to support you to keep informed about what’s been happening at the school. All you need to do is enrol your child/ren in the afterschool program for the session, which you can do through their website. Also, look out for the invitation to attend a parent/ teacher/ student conference – these will be held around the same time so, if you are keen, you can align the moons and attend both on the same night.

This month, we also have some new health and wellbeing policies for you to review and comment on: First Aid, Anaphylaxis Management, Administration of Medication, and Diabetes. If you would like to see the policies before they are confirmed, you can view them here and submit feedback to Amanda Williams who sits on the Policy committee at flemington.ps@education.vic.gov.au.

Those of you who were at the school last year will know that despite the efforts of dozens of parents – whether those organising the rides, bunting and food stalls, to those crafting or painting pots for the plant stall – COVID-19 had other plans for us in April and we had to cancel the Fabulous Flemington Fete. Given there is ongoing uncertainty, for 2022 – which would normally be a fete year – we discussed having a school community event, namely an art show. This show could still be enhanced with food offerings and amusements, though perhaps not on the grand scale of 2020. We feel it would be great to host some sort of celebration that allows the school community to come together in person but, given the pandemic, think that a large public event might best wait for another time. More information to come through the Parents and Carers fundraising association.

Finally, we said farewell to one of our members, Richard Watkins, and so want to thank Rich for his contribution. This leaves a casual vacancy on School Council until February 2022. With the grounds upgrade in progress, the communications landscape offering some meaty projects, and also the School Review and Strategic Plan coming up, it is a great time to get involved and help set the direction of the school. If you have any questions, please speak to one of your parent reps. If you would like to nominate yourself, please email Amanda Williams on flemington.ps@education.vic.gov.au or  Russell McIntosh, School Council President, on russell.mcintosh@education.vic.gov.au.

It would be great to have a full complement of parent reps on the council, so please consider this important opportunity.

‘Til next time,

FPS School Council

Bike Hospital 20/05/2021

The Bicycle Hospital is back and running on Fridays before and after school near the new bike shed.

The Bicycle Hospital repairs and recycles bikes and is run by parent volunteers.

We have a wide range of donated bikes available at the moment if you need one. We also have helmets and locks if you need them.

Come and join us if you want to get involved and maybe learn some bike mechanics. We’ll teach you how to change a tube and adjust your gears.

Contact Bart 0418 231 686  barts@drcrankys.com.au or Peter 0408 773 837 for information.

Parents and Carers 20/05/2021


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