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Principal's Report 16/02/21

This InTouch newsletter was supposed to go out last Friday. Within an hour it had been outdated with the news of the lock down and return to Remote Learning. We are distributing it mid-week with updates as we know that our families have been receiving a lot of school and learning information.

COVID-19 Update- School Closure Monday15th February –Wednesday 17th February

A big well done to everyone for our overnight start up of Remote Learning #3. Each school has the autonomy to create a program that effectively supports their students and community. We made the decision as a team that we wanted to connect with our students via Webex and offer a diversity of learning and wellbeing based activities to support families and students. Our short term Remote Learning model also allowed for an easy transition to the comprehensive Remote Learning program in the event it is required for a longer lock down. I would like to thank our incredible teachers and staff for their focus and hard work. A big thank you and well done to our parents and carers. We know you are not teachers and are also working from home and acknowledge the huge effort this takes. And to our students… you are resilient and flexible learners-thank you for making our job easy and fun with your “Be your best” attitude.

Tutor Initiative Commences at FPS

As you may have heard in the news, the Minister for Education James Merlino announced that $250 million would be available to employ tutors in 2021 for all Victorian schools after an extended period of Remote Learning in 2020. FPS is excited to introduce two teacher tutors to join our team. Myu  Thompson Early Years (F-2) and Peter Gartside Middle Years (3-6)  will work with small groups of students in our two tutoring rooms to support Reading initially. Peter’s work will focus on Middle Years with students focusing on utilising high quality and challenging texts to engage their reading goals. Myu who has a specialisation in phonics, will focus on phonics instruction, building vocabulary, decoding and fluency in reading. Students commencing in this program will be contacted by Peter and Myu.

Welcome Foundation Students

Our Foundation students have now been at school for nearly two weeks with a mix of face to face and remote learning! Well done to our Foundation students and their families for this extraordinary start to school. I believe that I did mention on our virtual and face to face school tours that it is never dull at FPS and the last two weeks certainly attests to that! As you walk through our Foundation learning spaces you will see a settled and focused group of Foundation students who are certainly showing our school value of being “ready to learn” both online and in person.  

Flemington Education Plan (FEP) Update

Flemington Primary School is proud to be a part of the Flemington Education Plan. The Flemington Education Plan includes Mount Alexander College, Ascot Vale Heights  (previously known as Ascot Vale Special School) and Debney Meadows Primary School. The 4 schools have been working together to share expertise and resources to provide excellent outcomes for every student through collaboration and connection to local community. The Flemington Education Plan  has a vision to ensure every child and young person experiences opportunities and pathways that promote educational excellence, health and wellbeing and a sense of belonging and community – from kindergarten right through to adult pathways beyond secondary school. Celebrating the diversity of our community and focusing on inclusion will be a key priority of the Plan.

Last year the Minister for Education James Merlino announced $1.15 million funding for Flemington Primary School to upgrade its playgrounds. The grounds work will commence this year and see the next stages of the FPS Grounds Master Plan be implemented. Students have been working with landscape architects to design their playgrounds and have provided input. Some of their ideas were  including a rock climbing wall, more seating, upgrade of existing equipment, a sensory garden, more plants, cubby houses, holes to jump into, removing tan bark and improving the sandpit area. The planning process continues and plans will be available for further consultation when ready.

For more information about the Flemington Education Plan, please visit the Department of Education and Training site: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/Pages/educationplansflemington.aspx

For more information on upgrades and modernisation works planning and community consultation involved in this plan, please visit the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA): https://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/schools/Pages/FlemingtonEP.aspx

Farewell Lun

Last week we said good bye to one of our Educational Support teachers Lun Zafiridis. We wish Lun all the best as she commences with Strathmore North Primary School and thank her for her wonderful support of our students and staff.

Lunar New Year-Whole School Assembly Celebration

This Friday a Chinese dragon will be attending assembly to celebrate Lunar New Year. Assembly commences at 3.10pm. Parent/carers can view our student lead assembly from the basketball court (COVID restrictions) and if it rains we will Webex the assembly with a link put out on Class Dojo.

Happy learning everyone, happy Lunar New Year and well done to everyone for their flexibility in moving to Remote Learning with very little notice or warning! The things that we can achieve together are AMAZING!

Amanda Williams- Principal

Office News 16/02/21

Wanted - School Uniform Shop Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer to run our school uniform shop for two sessions per week - Mondays 3.15pm to 3.45pm and Fridays 8.15am to 8.45am. The role consists of assisting parents with orders, filling out order forms for payments, packing any pre-orders and every now and then assist the office with a stocktake.

Please email the school on flemington.ps@education.vic.gov.au by Friday 20th February if you interested.

Thank you


Dear Parent/Carers,

Please be advised that the office will no longer be accepting cash payments until further notice.  All payments will need to be made via bPay or eftpos. 

Please contact the office if you need your bPay details.

Kind regards

School Photos – Tuesday 2nd March

School Photo envelopes will go home soon and need to be returned to the office by Friday, 26th February. Please make sure if you enclose cash that you have the correct money as the office cannot provide change. Should you require any extra student or family photo envelopes please collect these from the office.  Photos can also be ordered online via the Compass platform (preferred ordering method).

2021 Essential Student Learning Items & Voluntary Financial Contributions

A reminder that if you haven’t handed in your payment and forms to date, please do so as soon as possible. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

CSEF 2021

If you applied for the CSEF at this school in 2020, you do not need to complete an application form in 2021 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances. This school will apply for the CSEF on your behalf.

You will only need to submit the attached 2021 application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

New Student Enrolments             Changed Family Circumstances                              New Concession Card

Please note 2021 CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/legal guardian’s concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either Term 1 (27 January 2021) or Term 2 (19 April 2021) and parents/guardians will be advised if an issue arises.

To view and print the application forms, please click on the link below;

CSEF Application Form

Sun smart

Reminder to parents and students, it’s that time of the year when all children need to be wearing a broad brimmed hat whenever they are outside.

No hat No play

If any child comes to school without a hat they will be asked to spend their play and lunch times in the covered area outside the foundation learning neighbourhood. They will also be asked to sit in the shade during sport time.

Working Bee

Please join us at our first FPS Working Bee for 2021, which is being held on Friday 19th March 3.30-5pm. There will be a BBQ available to sustain our workers.

Please advise the office on 9376 7137 if you will be joining us.

Thank you!

Wellbeing 12/02/21

PE News 12/02/21

Welcome to PE with Ms Alex Klewer and Ms Fiona Themann

Swimming Trials/District Swimming:

Congratulations to all of the Grade 3-6 students who tried out for the FPS Swim Team. It was excellent to see so many students in the pool trying their best and supporting each other from the sidelines!! Special thanks to the super teachers and parents who gave up their mornings to help run the trials!

Students who made the team have now been notified. These students will now compete in the District Swimming Carnival at Queens Park Pool on Friday 26th February.  

Unfortunately, due to COVID19 there will be no spectators this year. 

Interschool Sport:

In 2021, Grade 6 students will again participate in Inter-School Sports (ISS) in Terms 1 & 2. Instead of a weekly competition like previous years, schools will participate in two Gala Days. The Term 1 sports are Hot Shot Tennis, Soccer and Cricket. 

We have a high standard of behaviour at FPS and we expect all Inter-School Sport team members to uphold the school values within the classroom, school and community should they wish to participate in Inter-School Sports.

Running Club:

Flemington PS Running Club is back! Sessions are held on the running track and will start at 8:25am and finish at 8:45am. The Running Club will be held every Thursday morning and is open to all Flemington PS children. Children will write their name and class on a running club card. They will hold this card in their hand as they run. When they complete one lap, they will receive a stamp on their card. When all the squares on the card have a stamp on them, they have completed 10km’s and will receive a special certificate at assembly. At the end of the year we will have special certificates for those children who have run more than 10km’s. 

National Ride2School Day

FPS has signed up to be a part of National Ride2School Day which will be held on Friday March 19. It would be great to see as many students as possible actively travelling to school by riding their bikes or scooters. More information about National Ride2School Day will be provided in the next couple of weeks.  

Prep PMP:

The Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) will be starting soon for the Foundation students. The PMP program includes language, memory, visual, listening, physical and social skills to prepare students for high quality learning. If you are available to assist during PMP please contact one of the Prep teachers. 

Parents and Carers 12/02/21

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Embargoed Friday, June 12, 12.01am (AEST)

Trial seeking kids allergic to egg to test pioneering allergy treatment
Release tags: Human | Randomised controlled trial | Call for recruitment
Trial at a Glance:
• A trial led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is recruiting 80 egg allergic children and
adolescents, aged five to 17 years, to test a pioneering new approach to food allergies
• A probiotic and peanut immunotherapy treatment, which has shown long-lasting effects against peanut
allergy, is now being extended to egg. Eggs are a major trigger of childhood allergy worldwide
• If the approach is also effective in treating egg allergies, treatment could extend to other food allergies

A trial led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) is recruiting 80 children and adolescents allergic to egg to test a pioneering new approach to food allergies.

MCRI Professor Mimi Tang is developing a probiotic and peanut immunotherapy treatment, which has shown longlasting effects against peanut allergy. Prof Tang is now extending that treatment approach to egg, a major cause of childhood allergy worldwide.

She is calling on families with children aged five to 17 years who are allergic to hen eggs to take part in the new PEAT trial.

“Food allergies affect around 5-6 per cent of all children and 10 per cent of infants,” Professor Tang said. “And egg allergy is one of the most common food allergies in childhood, affecting almost 9 per cent of babies in
Australia and up to 2.5 per cent of children worldwide.

“We previously thought that most children with egg allergy would develop tolerance by school age, but recent studies show that egg allergy can persist in a significant number of children until adolescence.”

Professor Tang said most people with egg allergy have no choice but to avoid all foods containing eggs.

“Because eggs are a common cooking ingredient, accidental ingestion is common, causing frequent and sometimes life-threatening reactions,” she said.

“To live with food allergy reduces your quality of life. Every day you need to be vigilant against the threat of a serious reaction. Deaths are very rare, but patients and families are understandably fearful of this possibility.”

In a 2015 clinical trial testing the probiotic and peanut oral immunotherapy (PPOIT) treatment, participants were given a probiotic together with peanut protein in increasing amounts once daily for 18 months. More than 80 per
cent of children who received the PPOIT treatment were able to tolerate peanuts at the end of the trial and the majority were still tolerating peanut four years on.

“If we can show that the probiotic food immunotherapy approach is effective in treating egg allergies as well, this will mean that we could perhaps extend treatment to other food allergies,” Professor Tang said.

“We are fortunate to have received funding from Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council to conduct a randomised controlled trial to test the effectiveness of a probiotic egg oral immunotherapy for the treatment of egg allergy.”

Professor Tang is running this egg trial in conjunction with the National University Hospital in Singapore.

Recorded incidences of food allergy have risen dramatically in recent decades with 250 million people worldwide now suffering a food allergy.

Hospital admissions for severe allergic reactions have doubled over the last decade in Australia, US and UK. In Australia, admissions for serious food allergy reactions in children aged zero to four years have jumped to an even
greater extent, increasing five-fold over the same period.

For this study, the children will be randomly allocated into one of two groups. Half the children will go into an active group (probiotic and egg oral immunotherapy) and half will go into a placebo group. At home the child will
take a dose of probiotic (or placebo) and a dose of egg powder (or placebo) once a day for a total of 18 months.

Researchers from James Cook University will also contribute to the study.

To enrol your child in the PEAT trial please email egg.study@mcri.edu.au or for more information visit www.mcri.edu.au/research/projects/peat-trial

*The content of this communication is the sole responsibility of MCRI and does not reflect the views of the NHMRC.

Available for interview:
Professor Mimi Tang
Study participant

Media Contact:
Bridie Byrne
MCRI communications specialist
+613 9936 6211/ 0403 664 416

About MCRI
The Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) is the largest child health research institute in Australia committed to making discoveries and developing treatments to improve child and adolescent health in Australia
and around the world. They are pioneering new treatments, trialling better vaccines and improving ways of diagnosing and helping sick babies, children and adolescents. It is one of the only research institutes in Australia to offer genetic testing to find answers for families of children with previously undiagnosed conditions.

The study is funded by National Health and Medical Research Council Project Grant (APP1144965).