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Principal's Report 27/11

It has been a big and very busy week at FPS with many things happening from great learning activities in our classrooms, 2021 curriculum planning, 2021 leadership speeches and also some very important announcements being made. It is with great excitement that we are able to announce the following updates and I will share with you a wonderful letter sent to me from The Hon James Merlino MP.

A letter from The Hon James Merlino MP

Dear Amanda,

In the Victorian Budget 2020/21, the Victorian Government announced an investment of more than

$3 billion in school upgrades, including $1.1 billion as part of the previously announced Building Works Package, with a further $1.9 billion to roll out the next phase of the school building boom.

This extra $1.9 billion investment will support more than 6,400 construction and supply chain jobs, including more than 4,830 jobs related to projects in metropolitan Melbourne and more than 1,570 jobs related to projects in regional Victoria.

Following the 127,000 announced through the Infrastructure Planning and Acceleration Fund, I can confirm that Flemington Primary School will receive 1.147 million  to upgrade your school's playground and grounds as part of the Flemington Education Plan.

This funding allocation is for all the costs associated with your project, including professional fees, all building-related costs, and a project contingency.

This is an exciting time for your school community. The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA), in conjunction with Department of Education and Training regional office staff, will support you over the course of your capital works project, ensuring that the educational vision of your school is realised. Some initial key information about your school’s project has been provided below.

I look forward to monitoring the progress of this exciting project at your school.

Yours sincerely

The Hon James Merlino MP

Deputy Premier

Minister for Education

Minister for Mental Health

COVID-19 restrictions and operations have updated

The Victorian Government has announced that Victoria has moved to the Last Step of the roadmap to reopening. DET has updated our Operations Guidelines as of the 25th of November. The key updates for FPS parents and carers are…

  • Visitors are now welcome.- parents and carers can come onsite and enter buildings.
  • Please note that anyone (except primary school students and teachers who are teaching) over 12 years old must wear a mask inside buildings
  • Student “bubbles” can now mix. 
  • Drinking taps are now open 
  • Face masks are not required outdoors except where 1.5 m physical distancing can not be maintained
  • School assembly can recommence with staff and students only
  • Graduation ceremonies, assemblies and other school gatherings (e.g. school sports) on school sites involving external guests are subject to a gathering limit (including students, staff and visitors) of 150 indoors or 300 outdoors, with a density quotient of one per 4m2 applicable to staff and visitors/parents. (FPS is still finalising our Yr 6 Graduation arrangements and will communicate with parents ASAP)
  • Orientation Day events can go ahead in an adapted form -Parents/carers of Yr 6 students should contact their child’s secondary school for details
  • staff meetings can recommence in line with gathering limits (20 people indoors and 50 outdoors). Staff meetings that can reasonably be conducted online should still be pursued wherever possible
  • Indoor and outdoor contact and non-contact sport can resume.
  • Children are able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to classmates, including in classrooms, given its short duration
  • Outside school hours care (OSHC) may operate before and after school and summer holiday programs, following public health directions and applying the operational health and safety advice to schools. 
  • The staggered finish at 3.20pm for F-2 and 3.30pm for Yrs 3-6 will finish this Friday 27.11.20
  • FPS will continue to open classroom doors at 8.50am 

As always, if you have any questions, please ask.

Breakfast Club

It has been wonderful to see the start up of our very own FPS Breakfast Club on Thursdays and Fridays. Thank you Agata Gervasi- Learning Specialist -Wellbeing/Engagement for organising this with Food Bank. It has been a huge success with our students enjoying a healthy breakfast of cereals, toast and fruits. A huge thank you to Jacinta our school leader who has taken on the role of Breakfast Club student coordinator. Jacinta serves up our students breakfast with a smile on her face.

Wellbeing 27-11



Office News

2021 Essential Student Learning Items, Optional Items & Voluntary Financial Contributions

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our 2021 Essential Student Learning Items, Optional Items & Voluntary Financial Contributions forms for each year level can be found on our website. Key points to note:

A.  Payments (excluding book packs) are to be made direct to school by Friday 27th November unless you have entered into a repayment arrangement – No cash payments due to COVID

B.  Bookpacks must be ordered online with Paperchase, with free delivery to your home if ordered by 13th December and a $10 delivery fee will apply thereafter

C.  Excursion levy paid for current Foundation to Year 5 students and Year 5/6 Sport Levy paid for current Year 5 students for the 2020 year will be carried forward to 2021 so this levy does not need to be paid, unless your child is new to the school in 2021

D.  Parents who will have 2021 year 6 student will need to determine size for commemorative apparel and ensure payment and required details are advised by email to Cheryl.Aquilina@education.vic.gov.au by Friday 27th November

Thank you


Dear Parents,

Due to current circumstances, the school is unable to offer onsite shopping for school uniform. As such, all uniform orders can be emailed and a sizing sheet has been developed to assist parents to determine the correct size option. Office staff will endeavour to fill your order as soon as possible and once the order has been paid, this will be sent to your child's classroom. Exchanges are acceptable as long as items are returned promptly with tags intact and unworn. Please see the PDF documents on our website for details.

As your child may not have worn their uniform for a while please take the time to check it for fit and remember during term 4 all students need to wear a wide brim hat outside.

Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers,

If you have recently been issued a health care card for the first time in your name with your child/ren listed could you please email either of the following:

1. A photo of your card  or

2. Documentation with card details

to Cheryl.Aquilina@education.vic.gov.au

Once I have details I will then use this to apply for CSEF for each of your children that attend this school.  If approved, you will receive $62.50 per primary student (reduced 50% from normal rate of $125 for full year) to use towards camps and excursions.  Please note, if you have previously applied for CSEF I have already submitted these applications, this request is only for those parents who may have recently been issued a card for the first time.

If this applies to you, could you please email card details by Friday 27th November or earlier to ensure that applications can be made on the CSEF system before it closes for 2020.

Thank you


Dear Parent/Carers,

Please be advised that the office will no longer be accepting cash payments until further notice.  All payments will need to be made via bPay or eftpos. 

Please contact the office if you need your bPay details.

Kind regards

Parents and Carers 27-11

Bike Hospital 27-11

The Bicycle Hospital continues to operate with remote and contactless drop off and pick up.

If you want to drop a bike for donation or repair please contact us to arrange.

You can lock it at the Bicycle Hospital with the cable locks we leave there.

We post pictures of the available bikes on the Bicycle Hospital Facebook page where you can claim a bike for yourself or your child.

This week we have five bikes available for those that need them.


As always we welcome volunteers to help with the program. We’ll even teach you a bit of bike mechanics if you need it.

Bart Sbeghen 0418 231 686 barts@drcrankys.com.au

Peter Hormann 0408 773 837

Cleaner's Day