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Principal's Report 13/11



It is with great excitement that we are able to communicate with our FPS community with this new look e version newsletter that has been supported by the FPS Communications Sub committee. The new look newsletter creates a more contemporary look, ease of moving through topics but most excitingly, it can be translated into many different languages. This allows our school information to be more easily accessible to all families and supports FPS in being a more inclusive school. I do hope that you enjoy reading our new look InTouch for the first time!


This week FPS has honoured NAIDOC week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) with a variety of activities both in classes and as a whole school. Here are some comments from our students regarding NAIDOC week…

Emily and Margot-Yr 3- In PE we have been playing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander games such as Kai- a ball game, Tarnambai- a running game, Gorri- a throwing game, Kangaroo- a jumping game and Brajerack- a hide and seek game. They were really fun!

Anthony -Yr 1- Aboriginals were the first people in Australia. 

Bianca- Yr 6- NAIDOC is a celebration of the traditional owners of the land and where we celebrate culture instead of repressing it.

Yr 1 Tyler- All the aboriginal stories like The Rainbow Serpent, help us to understand about how the land was formed.

2021 structures

The following structures have been established for 2021. Every year FPS staff  work towards developing a structure that puts our students and their learning needs at the centre whilst also balancing numbers of students and cohorts. This process is done in a collaborative way taking into account teacher opinions, student learning and emotional needs plus consultation with our senior departmental representatives in regards to school finances and learning priorities. Decisions are made in consultation with our Consultative Committee represented by the AEU, Educational Support, Principal class, Business Manager and teaching teams. In 2021 our structures will be as follows...


3x classes


3x classes


2x classes


2x classes


3x classes


2x classes


Visual Arts- Roz Kennedy -3 days

Music-Vern O’Hara-3 days

Health & Physical Education-Fiona Theman/Alex Klewer-4 days

Languages- Mandarin- Shawn Wang-3 days

In 2021, the FPS Response To Intervention program will continue across all year levels. In addition we will be employing tutors to supplement students whose learning has been negatively affected as a result of remote learning.  The DET Tutoring program is a Victorian  initiative in response to the extensive remote learning program that saw some students thrive, but others face incredible challenges and disadvantages.

Parents and carers will be informed of their child’s class in the final week of school. For an explanation of the process of how classes are formed please see our CLASSROOM PLACEMENT POLICY

Our 2021 workforce

We welcome back the following teachers from family leave- Amy Prisco- Learning Specialist and Fiona Themann who will teach Health and Physical Education. We also welcome to our FPS team Julie Crouch from Moreland PS. We send all of our best wishes as we farewell Brianna Domanski moving to ACT and Charles Weston PS, Emily Kidd moving to Werribee and Davis Creek PS , Sophie Anastasiadis who has been appointed as a Learning Specialist at Kensington PS, Amanda DeMarchi who is moving to Inverloch and farewell to Neville Stephens. 

2021 Foundation Information and Transition Sessions

This Tuesday we held our 2021 Foundation Information Session on Webex. Despite being a virtual meeting, it was well attended. Our Foundation transition sessions have also commenced albeit with a very different set up due to COVID restrictions. Transition sessions have only 8 students and only one parent attending. Whilst the child is in the Foundation room their parent is taken on a tour that we call “From the outside looking in”,  as parents are still unable to enter our buildings and classrooms. Our much loved “story time” sessions are also being held on WEbex and will commence in week 7 and run right up until the end of Term 4. Despite the restrictions, we have still managed to get creative and offer an alternative experience for our 2021 Foundation parents. 

To all our families celebrating Diwali this Saturday, we wish you a very Happy Diwali!

Happy learning! 


Office News

2021 Essential Student Learning Items, Optional Items & Voluntary Financial Contributions

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our 2021 Essential Student Learning Items, Optional Items & Voluntary Financial Contributions forms for each year level can be found on our website. Key points to note:

A.  Payments (excluding book packs) are to be made direct to school by Friday 27th November unless you have entered into a repayment arrangement – No cash payments due to COVID

B.  Bookpacks must be ordered online with Paperchase, with free delivery to your home if ordered by 13th December and a $10 delivery fee will apply thereafter

C.  Excursion levy paid for current Foundation to Year 5 students and Year 5/6 Sport Levy paid for current Year 5 students for the 2020 year will be carried forward to 2021 so this levy does not need to be paid, unless your child is new to the school in 2021

D.  Parents who will have 2021 year 6 student will need to determine size for commemorative apparel and ensure payment and required details are advised by email to Cheryl.Aquilina@education.vic.gov.au by Friday 27th November

Thank you


Dear Parents,

Due to current circumstances, the school is unable to offer onsite shopping for school uniform. As such, all uniform orders can be emailed and a sizing sheet has been developed to assist parents to determine the correct size option. Office staff will endeavour to fill your order as soon as possible and once the order has been paid, this will be sent to your child's classroom. Exchanges are acceptable as long as items are returned promptly with tags intact and unworn. Please see the PDF documents on our website for details.

As your child may not have worn their uniform for a while please take the time to check it for fit and remember during term 4 all students need to wear a wide brim hat outside.

Thank you.


Dear Parents and Carers,

If you have recently been issued a health care card for the first time in your name with your child/ren listed could you please email either of the following:

1. A photo of your card  or

2. Documentation with card details

to Cheryl.Aquilina@education.vic.gov.au

Once I have details I will then use this to apply for CSEF for each of your children that attend this school.  If approved, you will receive $62.50 per primary student (reduced 50% from normal rate of $125 for full year) to use towards camps and excursions.  Please note, if you have previously applied for CSEF I have already submitted these applications, this request is only for those parents who may have recently been issued a card for the first time.

If this applies to you, could you please email card details by Friday 27th November or earlier to ensure that applications can be made on the CSEF system before it closes for 2020.

Thank you


Dear Parent/Carers,

Please be advised that the office will no longer be accepting cash payments until further notice.  All payments will need to be made via bPay or eftpos. 

Please contact the office if you need your bPay details.

Kind regards

Wellbeing 13-11

Webinar: Managing Your Child’s Anxiety

Online webinar presented by Emelie Barringer, Psychologist and Rachael Torcasio, Psychologist from Moonee Valley Student Support Services.

Monday 30th November at 7pm-8pm, 45 minute presentation with opportunity for Q&A for 15 minutes.

The aim of this webinar is to help parents/carers better understand the nature of anxiety, equip parents/carers to recognise anxiety in their children and provide practical tools for primary school aged children to manage anxious feelings.

If you are a parent/carer whose child attends a Government primary school in the Moonee Valley Network and you are interested in attending this webinar please email rachael.torcasio@education.vic.gov.au to secure your place!

Parents and Carers 13-11

Bike Hospital 13/11

The Bicycle Hospital continues to operate with remote and contactless drop off and pick up.

If you want to drop a bike for donation or repair please contact us to arrange.

You can lock it at the Bicycle Hospital with the cable locks we leave there.

We post pictures of the available bikes on the Bicycle Hospital Facebook page where you can claim a bike for yourself or your child.

This week we have five bikes available for those that need them.

As always we welcome volunteers to help with the program. We’ll even teach you a bit of bike mechanics if you need it.

Bart Sbeghen 0418 231 686 barts@drcrankys.com.au

Peter Hormann 0408 773 837

New OSHC Program Coming in 2021