Be Your Best Day and Meet the Teacher BBQ



Our first community event for 2021 and since the easing of COVID restrictions saw FPS launch our school value mascots, parents and carers came in to see our classrooms and contributed to our School Wide Positive Behaviour Matrix for parents/carers, met with teachers, whole school yoga, picnic, choirs sang and we all celebrated our learning this term. Be Your Best day commenced with the launching of our school value characters…

Be kind Roary, be ready to learn Flippers, be respectful Tiny mouse and be a safe Buzzy bee. These mascots were designed and named by our students and will further support our continuing work with School Wide Positive Behaviour -SWPB. This year students will join this team and  co design the SWPB activities that will support and reinforce how we work and learn together in  a safe, kind and respectful way that enables us to be our best.

A big thank you to all that supported this fabulous day. Parents and carers were in the school all day participating and helping out. A big thank you to the P&C for a great BBQ and also to BIG Childcare who provided a jumping castle, free popcorn and fairy floss.