School Concert - Wonder in Aliceland

From Amanda our Principal… Behind every great school, there is a great community and FPS is indeed fortunate enough to be one of these great schools supported by a fabulous school community. The four performances that we have seen this week are testament to that.  The amazing hall where we have performed all week is the result of community effort and hard work. The grounds master plan that commences in the school holidays is also a result of the hard work, persistence and fundraising of our school community. To the parents, carers and grandparents who have supported our FPS children to live our school motto and to “be their best” we would like to thank you all very much for your support and effort.  To the many parents and grandparents who supported our 2019 school concert, we say a huge thank you. We know that there was much rehearsing, singing, practising of dance moves and learning of lines, all supported by you at home. We also know that the extra rehearsals and coming to school on a weekend takes time and effort. So thank you! Students please give the famous FPS drum roll to say thank you to our parents, carers and community. To the many parents, carers and grandparents who have worked behind the scenes with our students with lighting, props, costume, set up of the hall and our many FPS actors and performers. A huge thank you! Finally to our musical director Vern O’hara. We did suspect that Vern may have been sleeping over at FPS. You have put countless hours and much effort into this production. Vern, a huge thank you for your outstanding coordination and creation of this stunning production. You have coordinated a fabulous team who have co created an incredible and memorable experience for our students to really shine and to “be their best”. Please join me in a huge applause to thank Vern O’Hara.”  

From Emelie and Chris our School Captains
We would like to thank you for coming to our production. This wouldn’t have been put together if it wasn’t for the many rehearsals during the week and on weekends. Thank you to all of the parents for helping us perfect our lines and we would like to give a few special thank you to… Vicky for organising all of the beautiful costumes. Alice for cooking and organising all the delicious food. Nick and Tim for the spectacular lighting. Jenny for helping us with the singing and dancing. 

From Laura our Assistant Principal I would like to acknowledge the hard work from all FPS staff for their countless hours of effort in supporting rehearsals, giving up lunchtimes, recesses, purchasing costumes, reading a million emails and being incredibly flexible when asked to jump in and help. To our administration staff for advertising and supporting ticketing and answering MANY questions. To our staff, I have no doubt that you will be sleeping soundly tonight and I do wonder how long it will take to get the tunes out of your heads. Perhaps until the next concert? Which we won’t talk about until the efforts of this concert have faded.
This production has been a huge team effort and a special mention must be made to our production team… Thank you Steph- giving up lunches and weekends helping students perfect their lines and supporting auditions and casting. Brianna- also spent countless lunches rehearsing and never once seemed flustered when I would come to her with yet another question or timetable change. Rachel-our pre service teacher for coming back to FPS in her own time to help out. Roz- the foyer displays and set look wonderful and for working with our students to complete them. Anna- for coming in every week to teach our students and our teachers their dances. Danh- for his work with the technology displays- they looked amazing! Graham- for working with our students to create magnificent sets, moving hundreds of props from upstairs and for putting together the visuals for the technology displays. Plus being a jack-of-all-trades and ready to lend a hand at any moment.